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Lumen Energy Consultancy helps private and commercial entities run their activities in a cost-efficient and productive way by integrating top quality renewable energy solutions to their existing power supply. We collaborate with local and international partners to ensure that projects are realized with both high quality technologies and positive economic value.

Extending the frontiers of energy in Africa

Our Motivation

LUMEN was founded on a drive to provide solutions to the electricity supply problems plaguing Nigeria and other Sub-Saharan African countries. The vastly inadequate infrastructure has kept nearly every sector of the economy dependent on generator sets for power. Businesses for example, spend a significant portion of their operating capital on fueling and maintaining diesel generators which are noisy and pollute the environment. Worse still, operations are often crippled by recurring episodes of fuel scarcity. In an era where technologies that harness the free energy from nature are rapidly growing, the status quo can certainly be changed. At LUMEN, we see opportunities to remove barriers that limit access to renewable energy resources.

Harnessing the power of nature…

Solar and wind energy technologies can be built to be modular, scalable and affordable. We believe that the fast adoption of such decentralized renewable power generation would accelerate industrial development and increase overall welfare of the populace.


To solve power supply challenges with world-class sustainable energy technologies.


To be the trusted technical partner for the realization of commercial-scale renewable energy projects in the region.


  • Placing the needs of customers first

  • Trust, transparency and open communication

  • Promoting the productive use of green energy

Meet Our Team

Sonma Agatha-Christy Okoro

Sonma Agatha-Christy Okoro

Founder and CEO

Sonma’s educational background is in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, as well as Technology Management MBA for Engineers.

Her experiences span from the Semiconductor industry to the Energy and Utilities industry. She has worked in exciting Renewable Energy projects including Offshore Wind development and construction in Germany & UK, Off-Grid Solar PV business providing electricity to rural communities in Tanzania, remote monitoring and optimization of a global fleet of wind farms.

Adedoyin Adebodun Adeleke

Adedoyin Adebodun Adeleke

Business Development Manager

Adedoyin is a passionate Renewable Energy Professional with a Master‘s degree in Energy studies and Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He currently serves as a Technology Contributor at the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) in preparing the 2017 Global Report. He is also actively engaged in Renewable Energy Intervention Projects in rural communities in Nigeria.

Partnerships and Networks

African Network for Solar Energy (ANSOLE)

Promotes research, education and vocational training in Renewable Energy (RE) among Africans and non-Africans with a special focus and relationship with Africa. ANSOLE endorses the use of RE to the benefit of the social and economic development of Africa as well as environmental protection.

Power for All

Advances renewable, decentralized electrification solutions as the fastest,  most cost-­effective and sustainable approach to universal energy access.

International Network for  African Development (INAD)

Promotes capacity development for Energy, Environment and Education in Africa.

Mahiri Technologies

Mahiri is an IT solutions provider which  is dedicated to support small businesses with building their presence online.

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