Making electricity an easily accessible commodity in Nigeria


Electricity is one commodity which, despite it’s huge demand, is still limited in supply for several African countries. The solutions exist, yet the barriers are still quite high.  How can this limitation be overcome?

Nigerians are known to be trendy people. Whether in fashion, entertainment or technology, we tend to pick up on new developments from around the globe. Solar power is the latest to get so much attention in recent years. Ironically it took longer for this to catch up in Nigeria, compared to other countries in East Africa who are ahead in the curve. Besides lesser awareness, one of the main barriers to market penetration is the high upfront cost required. The industry is in dire need of sustainable business models that would thrive in an uncertain environment and attract investment. A few companies are already adopting models like pay-as-you-go, hire purchase, and so on. However, more can be done to drive this process further. So what are the secrets to reducing uncertainty and attracting investment / financing in this sector? This is one of the questions we are working to address so as to make electricity from solar more easily accessible in the country.

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