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Do you know that the limited grid infrastructure in Africa is paving the way for a new energy landscape? Just like the use of cell phones leapfrogged the development of the telecommunications grid, so is the same trend taking place with renewable energy and battery technologies.

Every home, business and organization can have constant LIGHT and POWER to carry out their daily activities. At Lumen we believe strongly in the positive transformation this can bring, and we are here to drive on the process.

Join us in extending the frontiers of energy in Africa.

About Us

We believe that Africa’s electricity supply challenges can be solved at a faster pace with renewable power generation using innovative technologies.

What We Do

Energy Assessment / Audit

We evaluate customers’ current energy situation and recommend an efficient and cost-effective alternative.

Solar PV and Hybrid Systems Design

For your specific application, we can design optimized solar and hybrid systems. Energy Efficiency is the magic phrase.


As problem solvers, we identify and work with the right people, technologies and resources within and beyond borders to deliver the best solution for your needs.

We also…

support commercial projects across the value chain from planning to design, procurement and installation. Solar and wind energy technologies are our specialties.

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Want top quality solar power systems for your private or business application? Have a commercial project for which you require technical expertise? We can prepare customized solutions to meet your needs.